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Hill, Patricia - About my blog

Page history last edited by Patricia 9 years, 6 months ago

Blog Assignment Part 2


Topic/theme for blogOur Interactive Connection.  As the topic states:  Interaction and connecting;   Getting acquainted on a personal level; getting to know each other with the help of visuals.  Initially I wanted to do a photo blog but that template did not allow the flexibility or adding the required widgets.  With ‘Motion’ I am able to flow in just about the direction I want to take.  Some of my class mate’s blogs are technical and downright serious.  I wanted to give us a different ‘outlet’ per se.


Anticipated AudiencePrimarily for 566/570/564 and Institute of Interactive Technology students.  However family and friends will also be invited.


Blog Used: Wordpress


Widget(s) Used and explain why you chose them for your blog:


               Imagethis is a fun, funny, user (and human) friendly blog.  People like images and things that they can see and relate to.  I think visuals can reach the emotions better


               Archivesfor record keeping.  The blog covers a few months; so one doesn’t have to scroll through individual entries to find something. 


               Links – It is good to reach out, connect, share and link to the experts or others in our fields of interest; links make our world, and ultimately our experiences, bigger. 


               Pages – In case I want to switch gears and change to a divergent subject, pages give me more options and allow greater flexibility.   


               Calendar – (Convenience) sometimes it’s nice to see what date it is at a glance.  Also, this calendar highlights dates that posts are made so it is a shortcut and quick visual reference.


Theme Used: Motion by 85ideas.


Thoughts/reactions about using a moderated blog versus an invited reader blog.(Done after week 7):

Moderated blogs are situational and may be required for certain types of subjects to determine if a comment is appropriate and if it should be edited or deleted by the owner. 


I thought about posting a religious topic in my blog but thought better of it as I’m not sure who in the class shares my spiritual views.  However, only a few classmates are commenting now so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Besides the blog is currently in moderation mode so I will post my comments and if they arouse controversy or negativity I can delete my post and/or the remarks. 


Unbeknownst to me when I set up my blog it defaulted to moderated and it took me a few days to realize why I did not have any comments.  I had comments that were “awaiting moderation” and this facet proved ‘inconvenient’ for me and probably for the visitor as well.

I did see a section in wordpress settings with an option for “Comment author must have a previously approved comment" and this seems to be the way around the 100% moderation.  (Looks like wordpress thought of everything). 


After the class is over I will invite more people although some were invited from the onset no outside comments were made.  I will remind them again and perhaps add a little different and more personal flavor to my blog to gain more traffic.


I’m all for openness and ease of access.  Let the readers and commenter’s come – uninhibited.

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