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Hardy, Anthony - Blog

Page history last edited by Anthony Hardy 9 years, 7 months ago

URL:  http://ithighered.wordpress.com


PART 2 - Set up a blog based on a topic/theme in your current or anticipated career field using WordPress. If you would like to use another blog program, please get approval from your instructor. Select and use a template that is appropriate for your theme and audience. Add at least two widgets to your blog. Review blog rubric for this blog assignment. Note each element that will be graded such as hyperlinks, citations, graphics and multimedia, etc.  Also review the peer-review blog evaluation. The CSM 564 and 566 students use this form to evaluate your blogs and you will also evaluate each other’s blogs using this form. So take a look at each component.


  • Topic/theme for blog:
    • Information Technology in Higher Education (wide topic, but will draw a range of readers)
  • Anticipated Audience:
    • Any Higher Ed employee interested in teaching and learning with technology
  • Blog Used:
    • WordPress.com 
  • Widget(s) Used and explain why you chose them for your blog:
    • Category widget (easily locate specific topics for users)
    • Email Signup (for notification of new posts)
  • Theme Used:
    • Andreas09 (was Inove)
  • Thoughts/reactions about using a moderated blog versus an invited reader blog. (This is done after week 7):
    •   Wow.  Invited reader isn't bad, but adding moderation really cuts down on the back and forth between readers.  I prefer to have a fully open blog, searchable/indexed by Google and  allow comments.  Moderation can be good in certain situations, but the blog author must really be on top of his/her game and watching the comments and approving quickly.  Mostly, I've found that modern spam filters catch the majority of comment spam (tracebacks and whatnot) and moderation isn't necessary.  Also, most readers will recognize the spam and ignore it and continue their conversations.  Moderation just gets in the way of that.

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