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Trosclair, Kevin Blogs Part 2

Page history last edited by Kevin Trosclair 9 years, 3 months ago

Topic/Theme: The theme of this blog will be a personal journal.  While developing a small business for myself I will archive the process of building it from the ground up.


Anticipated audience: I expect to have an evolving audience.  As I start, I anticipate friends, family and colleagues to follow.  When it gets closer for the business to open and an advertising campaign begins, I expect to have potential clients visit the blog.  Also, anyone who is looking to start their own business can follow to see a real life process and learn from my mistakes and accomplishments.


Blog used: Wordpress  http://acadianinteractive.wordpress.com


Widgets: Blogroll: The links provided are additional references to what I have used in researching and beginning my business.

Search: Gives viewers the ability to search for specific information within the blog.

History: Gives viewers a monthly timeline to sort through.

Twitter: Easily contribute to my blog with ideas and updates.


Theme used: Fleur de lys.  It looked like a professional theme, it is simple design and not to flashy. Also, I was thinking of using a fleur de lis in a logo but due to a lack of graphic design software this one will do.

  • provide your thoughts/reactions (on the class wiki) about using a moderated blog versus an invited reader blog. (This is done after week 7).


Moderated blogs have a purpose for certain audiences.  Family oriented blogs do not need profanity or other inappropriate material. Moderating blogs for purposes as such are understandable but other than that I don't agree with it.  They are an outlet for ideas and opinions and should be open.  Having a moderated blog suggests that only favorable comments will be accepted.  This is the equivalent of businesses like Amazon only allowing four and five star ratings on products.   

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