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Morgan, Pamela - My Blog

Page history last edited by pmorgan@crimson.ua.edu 9 years, 5 months ago

On the class wiki, please provide: 


your topic/theme for your blog

anticipated audience

blog used

list the widget(s) you are going to use and explain why you chose them for your blog

theme used



http://pamelajmorgan.org/:  The name of the blog is I-LIT Information Literacy, Library Instruction, Tutorials and related materials


Blog Theme/Topic  Information Literacy, Library Instruction, Tutorials and related materials.

Anticipated Audience: Librarians, library school students.  It would not be a bad idea if faculty and instructors read the blog too, to see what we do in this area ties in to what they do.

Blog used: wordpress.com


  • Delicious bookmarks, tags, categories, archives. I chose Delicious bookmarks because I would like to showcase links I think will be useful to the blog reader. 
  • CategoriesI chose categories so that readers interested in only one category can go right to those post (also, I'm a librarian, and we like to categorize things).
  • Blogrolls:

Theme: Twenty Ten by WordPress



provide your thoughts/reactions (on the class wiki) about using a moderated blog versus an invited reader blog. (This is done after week 7).


I find there are pros and cons to moderation.  In the age of spam, moderation can protect the blog from "junk" postings.  It can also protect from rants or vulgar posts.  But blog comments can provide a wealth of information in and of themselves.  With moderation, there is the danger that a blog author who disagrees with a valid point that a commenter is making could choose not to approve the comment.  One could argue that that a blog author has that right, if it is a personal blog.  However, other rules may apply if a blog is sponsored by a news organization such as the New York Times. I would think in this case, some kind blog moderation policy would be necessary.  I think moderation would probably depend on the subject of the blog as well.  My blog is all about library instruction and tutorials.  I don't anticipate that there would be "flaming" or spam on my blog, so I could probably leave the blog unmoderated and allow people to comment and share freely, which I think would add to the blog's value.  However, if I had a personal blog about somethng more controversial, such as politics, I might choose to moderate the blog and weed out anything offensive.  As with anything else, many factors should be taken into account when a blog author contemplates moderating.  The blog's content, purpose, and sponsorship (personal or an organization) are  factors to consider. 

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