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Xan Fields Blog List

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Three blogs that I have found useful in my line of work:  e-learning design and leadership development.


eLearning Technology by Tony Karrer


Tony covers a w-i-d-e range of topics related to online technology and how to design the best solution for your needs, more from a corporate standpoint than an educational one.  His site features lots of search options via a search box and links to topics he's written about in the past.  These links can be found in the title bar, in the side bar, and embedded in just about every post you review. He also provides a First Time Visitors Guide that explains more about the blog and how to navigate to the information you want.  His archives date from 2006 to present (2011).  He invites, in fact encourages, comments as he sees the interaction as an opportunity for himself and the readers to grow together.


The Rapid eLearning Blog by Tom Khulmann


Tom's blog covers a variety of topics related to building effective elearning quickly, and even provides free tools!  His blog features a 8 item "Resources" link box in the sidebar.  Each resource provides an overview of the topic and has many links to other posts embedded to help guide the reader toward the information he needs to know.  He also provides a "Search this blog" widget.  The oldest blog I found was 2007, and the copyright is from 2007 to 2011.  It is easy and fun to read.  Tom's blog boasts of over 72,700 readers, and one post had 95 comments and 114 tweets.  Apparently, I'm not the only one to find his blog useful.


John Maxwell on Leadership by John Maxwell


I've been a student of John Maxwell for a few years now.  I found his blog today and am really excited to dig in and see what he has to say about leadership.  I beleive I'll be able to use it in my work as I prepare to create a blog for leaders at my organization that will quickly remind them of leadership behaviors that will help them succeed.  I say "remind" because most of the leaders in my organization have completed a leadership development program, of which I am one of the faculty memebers, and we, the faculty, would like to support our leaders in remembering what they learned and encouraging them to share their stories of struggles and successes as they use the skills.  Well, back to John's blog.  He has a variety of ways to search his blog, and has a page of upcoming events, if anyone is interested in participating more fully.  Comments are welcome.  This blog has been active since 2009 to present.


Note:  It seems that each of these blogs, especially the Khulmann and Maxwell blogs, are designed to encourage the sell of products, however, a reader can get involved without purchasing anything.  At least two of the blogs offer links to free tools, also.

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