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Team Two

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Final Product:  The Paper


This is a notice that the Wiki is set up for Team Two - eReader WhitePaper < Click there you should have been invited as well.


From the Blackboard assignment:


Here are the general components of the process:


  • Divide yourselves into five (5) working teams.
  • Set up your own team workspace on a new wiki – your call as to what ‘brand’ of wiki you use (i.e. WikiSpaces, WetPaint, PBworks, PrimaryPad, etc.). DONE
  • Give membership to your team and to Dr. Price and me. Work out the mechanics of that within your group. Done
  • Set up an external calendar, such as Google Calendar for your team’s use in the work. Done I set up a Google calendar via our crimson email.  If someone else has a better calendar idea let me know, I kind of like having everything in one spot.

Begin by asking questions such as these:

  • What are the tools involved here, possibly? 
  • What is known about their use? Specifically in higher education?
  • What are other universities, colleges, colleges of human environmental sciences and even departments and majors doing around the country?
  • What are the associated issues in making such as decision?
  • What is known from research and publications about those issues?
  • Are demographics a factor?
  • Determine the framework for your report (whitepaper). Here are the key components typically expected in a whitepaper, but you can name them differently if you think it best suits the audience and subject matter.
  • Succinctly put, what is the issue (charge?)?
  • Approach (or Process) – Succinctly put, what did you do?
  • A framework is helpful here, too.

Results – Organize your results very tightly; you will be writing for busy administrators in this whitepaper and in all whitepapers. They need succinct, to the point, information that is clear and accurate. However, you need to support it with research and data – but you can put in appendices so that if someone in the leadership team wants to see more, it’s there.
And the more you can provide a framework for this, the better.

Conclusions or Summary – and make this a real executive summary here because they sometimes just read this or read it first.

Bibliography – this is where you put in APA style everything you read, and, if you interviewed someone or had a SKYPE – use the APA on all the options (i.e. mp3, video, etc) for electronic media. For example, you can interview someone from the American Library Association and use that in your references.

It should be no more than 15 pages, excluding the bibliography, index and cover page (no abstract). Use Times Roman 12pt font and 1 inch margins.

Comments (5)

jsfields@crimson.ua.edu said

at 11:39 am on Feb 24, 2011

Thanks for getting us started, Stephanie!

Stephanie Watson said

at 11:51 am on Feb 24, 2011

No problem. I have to do stuff when I have time so I don't get behind! :) I hope you're feeing better!

Veronica Outlaw said

at 11:25 pm on Feb 25, 2011

Hello All, I'm trying to get caught up so bare with me. I'll be at a conference in Biloxi on March 2-4 so I'll be out of pocket during the day and will try to work the best I can in the evenings on those days. Keep me posted by email or call me when or if you want to schedule Skype, etc. if we need to converse to brainstorm.

jsfields@crimson.ua.edu said

at 9:04 pm on Mar 8, 2011

Veronica, most of our work is on the team2ereaderwhitepaper wiki. There's a link the sidebar of this wiki. Stephanie and Anthony had a Skype session that they posted on the team2 wiki. that will get you caught up on where we are.

Stephanie Watson said

at 8:25 pm on Mar 9, 2011

The link is also up on top of this page

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