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Mealer, Crystal - About a Blog

Page history last edited by Crystal Mealer 9 years, 5 months ago

Knowledge Through Tubes


My blog topic: Online Learning

My blog title: Knowledge Through Tubes

My blog URL: knowledgethroughtubes.wordpress.com

Anticipated audience: Students and educators interested in online learning; also the general public.

My blog template (on WordPress): Bueno

My chosen widgets:     

 - IMAGE (to display a pic)

 - TEXT (to insert text on sidebar and footer)

 - BLOG STATS (to keep track of stats)

 - ARCHIVES (to keep track of older posts)




The phrase "invited reader blog" implies a non-moderated, invited reader blog. In such a case, readers chosen by the blog author are free to read and post comments on the blog without moderation.  This implies a certain amount of trust on the part of the author, although any unwelcome comments can always be deleted later by the blog author even on a non-moderated blog.  When the blogger is writing posts for a very particular audience, and selecting that audience by invitation, I think a non-moderated, invited reader blog is appropriate. It sets the stage for what amounts to a documented conversation among the blogger and his/her audience.


Other types of blogs require a different treatment. In a case where the blog author wishes to make the posts widely available to an audience of unknowns, moderation is undoubtedly the best choice. The number of comments is likely to be greater on such a site (if it is properly publicized), and the required moderation keeps the blogger aware of, and in a position to, easily respond to the reactions and comments of the audience at all times. In addition, there is an obvious consideration that the comments being made may be inappropriate in any number of ways.  Moderation allows the elimination of such comments.


These two types of blogs, then, serve entirely different purposes. Each is perfectly appropriate in a given set of circumstances, and potentially problematic in others.



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