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Trosclair, Kevin Blogs

Page history last edited by Kevin Trosclair 9 years, 8 months ago


The blog is like an online magazine.  It covers a wide range of topic involving the web and technology.  You can search for what you are looking for or browse through categorized topics. The categories are a very convenient way to jump into topics you are looking for. The articles are posted by staff but registered users are allowed to comment.



This blog is also like an online magazine where the contributors write about business development.  There are also articles that are podcasts, which is an additional feature other blogs I found don’t offer. One thing that I like is the range of topics (branding, business, media, technology etc) but I do not like how they are set up; at the bottom of the page where you must scroll all the way down to select them.  If you request to become a writer for the blog you can post articles however, if not only comments.



This blog is an informational blog which writes about topics relating to starting a business.  It works because it offers a variety of ways to find what you are looking for.  You can use the search box or browse through recent articles, featured articles, topics or guest blogger articles.  Almost any topic you could want to research about starting a business is covered. It is moderated and you can contribute as a guest blogger as long as it meets the outlined requirements.

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