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eReader Whitepaper Assignment

Page history last edited by davestazel 9 years, 3 months ago

eReader Whitepaper Assignment

due March 31, 2011


There are 17 people in our class which should allow us to have 3-4 participants in each group. Please add yourself to a group for the eReader Whitepaper project


Working Team

Team Participants     

Team 1  Christopher Williams
Pamela Morgan
Crystal Mealer 

Team 2 

The Paper

Stephanie Watson  Anthony Hardy 
Xan Fields  Veronica Outlaw   

Team 3  

Team 3 Whitepaper

Adam Nichols
Joy Jones  David Stazel     

Team 4

Team 4 Whitepaper

Patricia Hill  Traci Evans  Kevin Trosclair   Tracy Miller   Jack Busby


Comments (7)

Crystal Mealer said

at 11:41 am on Feb 25, 2011

We now have 3 groups of 4. This means that there are 5 people left for the last two teams. What to do?

Christopher Wayne Williams said

at 12:28 pm on Feb 25, 2011

Sorry I didn't have the forethought of keeping this from happening. Unless someone volunteers from one of the groups to move, I would say last person signing up needs to move to one of the other 2 teams.

Christopher Wayne Williams said

at 12:35 pm on Feb 25, 2011

I went ahead and blocked the last one off the last 2 teams so it won't happen again. We will still need someone to move, if there are any volunteers willing to clear this up real quick.

Patricia said

at 12:23 pm on Mar 4, 2011

Her specific instructions say FIVE teams. I think the last person on the first three teams should move down to another group or make thier own team. Then it is obvious where the very last person should go. Remember that she removed an assignment previously because we did not follow her guidance..... Personally since you made the grid I think you should be the one to "fix it' and move.... that seems to be easiet and quickest to me. she didn't say 4 OR 5 teams, FIVE was pretty definitive to me. Just a thought but it would negate asking someone else to do it.

Tracy Miller said

at 12:26 pm on Mar 4, 2011

No problem. I will move to Team 5.

Patricia said

at 12:25 pm on Mar 4, 2011

Either that or open up the last box on Team 5. That too would solve the problem. Bottom line, we need FIVE TEAMS.

jsfields@crimson.ua.edu said

at 5:14 pm on Mar 4, 2011

Our class roster shows 16 students. So far, there are only 14 of us signed up, so the last two spots on Team 4 and 5 will be available for them. Has anyone touched base with Jack Busby or Valerie Ross to be sure they're participating in the class?

I'm in a team of 4 and would be willing to move if Jack or Valerie can't make it for some reason. Not to ditch my team, mind you....but rather to support another with fewer people.

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