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Christopher Williams - Blogs

Page history last edited by Christopher Wayne Williams 9 years, 5 months ago

On the class wiki:

  • list the name and URL of the blogs
  • describe "how" each of these blogs are being used and what makes these blogs "successful" or “work"
  • indicate if the blog was a moderated blog or not.



Blogs on Information Technology





Moderate/Not Moderated

How it is used

GigaOM provides media buzz on one of my favorite topics, the mixture of business and technology. They typically are on the bleeding edge of knowledge with new gadgets, and applications used online with businesses today. This site has a diverse group of bloggers that provide content from anything such as GoogleTV to the use of Cloud Computing in Businesses.
IT Business Edge
Not Moderated
The IT business Edge Blog is part of the IT Business Edge Website. The blog focuses on  the many aspects of IT that we deal with day-to-day including staffing, software apps, current technology, compliance, and social media to name a few topics. There are multiple bloggers on this site, so that adds to the diversity of the content provided. I like this site because of its variety of bloggers, and the informative links that are also provided within the many blogs.
DT Blog
Not Moderated
The DT blog discusses numerous things about Web Site design, and its usage in business today.  For web designers it provides some really interesting insights into Web Design Concepts, Guides, and even Tips. I really like this blog because of its relation to my small business of web design. I've found some nice articles on dealing with customers, and content.


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