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Miller, Tracy - Blog Assignment

Page history last edited by Tracy Miller 9 years, 3 months ago

Part 1


Find three blogs in your current job and/or anticipated career field. (Two ways to search blog, if you haven't done so before is to use: Google Blog Search and Technorati).  You can search for Blogs or Posts about a particular topic.


  1. List the name and URL of the blogs
  2. Describe "how" each of these blogs are being used and what makes these blogs "successful" or "work"
  3. Indicate if the blog was a moderated blog or not

Experiencing E-Learning

Not moderated 

Content features:

This blog has a wealth of information regarding, eLearning, constructivism, LMS, tools, Instructional Design, and Web 2.0.  It is a One Stop Shop for an experienced Instructional Designer as well as someone who is considering Instructional Design as a career.  Blogger has up-to-date posts.


Design features:

The blog format and color scheme choice is easy on the eye.  The blogger has is a welcome paragraph that links to her ePortfolio.   

The eLearning Coach



Not moderated 

Content features:

The bloggers target audiences are students and newbies in the Interactive Technology field.  The blog shares strategies and resources to develop and understand eLearning.  This blog addresses Storyboarding – A skill that I have been researching on my own because I have noticed that many Instructional Design jobs require Storyboarding skills.  Blogger is also using the blog to market and sell her book.


Design features:

The menu bar is grouped into categories: Design, eLearning, Cognition, Media, Business, Reviews and News.  The sidebar is neatly arranged in text boxes – it does not have the cluttered look with one widget on top of another.  It also has a really nice Hot Topics widget that is really neat. 

The Rapid E-Learning Blog



Not moderated 

Content features:

Very seasoned blog.  Experienced Instructional Designers frequently post their opinions and points of view.  This blog has 72697 readers and new daily posts.  The blogger actually responds to each comment.   The blog is used to market an eLearning suite called Articulate.


Design features:

Each blog has very large and colorful graphic that relates to the topic.  Text/font is large which makes it easy to read.  Has simple white background and uncluttered right menu bar. 


Part 2 

Your topic/theme for your blog 

“So you want to be an Instructional Designer?”



Anticipated audience  I am targeting people who are considering a career change to the Instructional Design field. 
Blog used  Wordpress.com 
List the widget(s) you are going to use and explain why you chose them for your blog. 
  • Real-Time Tweets
  • Vodpod
  • Image
 I chose these widgets to provide more information to the reader. 
Theme used  Coraline with a custom banner 




Moderated Blog versus Invited Reader Blog


I prefer using a moderated blog opposed to an invited reader blog.  Thus far I have not encountered any SPAM or improper comments; therefore my blog’s access is not restricted.  As a result, the invited reader feature is not necessary.


Although my blog received very few comments, absolutely zero comments were received during the period when blog was set to “moderated.”  My ultimate preference is to have the comments non-moderated in hopes of attracting more reader comments.



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