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Pugh, Daniel

Page history last edited by Daniel Pugh 9 years, 4 months ago

Topic 1, Assignment 1



Traditional Strategies  Digital Strategies and Technologies 

Roll Call- Implied

A clicker-receiver program like Turning technologies IR receivers allow students to check in and answer questions each class.  The teacher controls the session from a multimedia podium running Turning technologies software.

Peer Interactions- Mentioned

Students can more easily interact with one another via group discussion boards on e-learning, wikis or a group facebook page.
Class Assignments- Mentioned  Assignments are hard to grade and collect in large arenas.  Assignments made via group collaboration on wikis or elearning.  
Visuals- Implied Personal computers using a program such as insight can limit the sites a student views while maximizing their visual experience and allowing every student to perfectly see the presentation.
Group Activities-Implied Group portals such as Skype, gotomeeting, etc can allow groups to meet on their own time in non-traditional ways. 
Lecture- Implied  Tegrity and other course capture tools allow for recording material to store on a central server fr remote viewing, doing away with the need for traditional classroom experiences. 
Multiple Choice Testing- Mentioned  Turning point can also be used to get real time results on what people know and how the class is doing on material. 
Visual Lecture Notes- Mentioned  Voice to text software is coming along nicely and profs can post lecture notes on elearning at their leisure. 
Resources are limited in classroom- Mentioned Online learning can replace the need for materials within the traditional classroom.  With no overhead costs will fall allowing more people to be able to go to college.
Students talk with others during class- Mentioned Twitter feeds on the main projector screen would allow for interaction in real time.
Students raise hands to ask question.- Implied  Twitter, or the like, could again be used. 



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