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Busby, Jack

Page history last edited by Jack Busby 9 years, 4 months ago

Topic 1, Assignment 1.


Obstacles to learning in large groups Reference Opportunites to reach learners in large groups
Roll Call Implied Kiosk set up at the back of the room with a thumb scan
    Classroom Response System/Clickers
    Identification card with RFID, magnetic strip or UPC symbol for scanning or cell phone check in
Making a video on how to better reach students in a larger lecture class Demonstrated Video/podcast
"Imagine it full and the noise the students are making" Mentioned Camtasia/Podcast of lectures for download to allow learning at own pace/time 
Lecture Implied Lecture through multiple electronic formats/ See Camtasia/Podcast
Acoustics of classroom end up echoey in back Mentioned Move out of that expensive class and into the cloud See Camtasia/Podcast
Warm in class/Sleeping students Mentioned Shift the maintaince costs of building into better network and issue each student an Ipad 
Writing on blackboard Demonstrated Powerpoint
Cannot remember 250 names (of students) students don't know Professor   Keep a IIT for Newbies page that has a student resume
Progressive height of desks so all students can view board/Professor Demonstrated Present class on students own desktop
Limited interaction due to inability to hear questions/answers Mentioned Email/Listserv/forum with Professor/TA with questions and share answers
Note taking Demonstrated Word, one note
Monologue educational process with attention lasting about 20 minutes Mentioned More electronic lectures of shorter duration
Collaborating around desk Demonstrated Collaborating on wiki
Students cooped up for 4 hours a day Mentioned See Camtasia/Podcast
Students appear to be test taking on top of each other Implied Take test online at site of choosing or at a test center
Decling resources Mentioned Shift Paridigm to hybrid/onlinie classes
Raising hand to ask question Demonstrated Email or twitter to Proessor
Inaccessible instructors Mentioned Emai/skype/twitter
Isolated learning Mentioned Promote involvement through electronic interaction
No cohort or esprit between learners Mentioned abstractly The comments in our wiki have been wonderful in overcoming this. 
Students don't like learning in large classes Mentioned Decentralize learning from old school formal lectures to Camtasia/Podcast or Citrix gototraining
Grading load heavy and results in easy tests so they are easy to grade Mentioned and Very Important Shift evaulation from multiple choice to project based that demonstrates grasp of objectives
Recommended methods to overcome traditional obstacles to learning in large groups    
Give Students a break after 20 minutes Mentioned A 20 minute podcast/camtasia production is a much better use of time
Instructor ventures into the ocean of students Not Mentioned but should have been Professor has a routine skype session to ensure you are on track and understanding, applying and analyzing knowledge
Socratic method while in the stands to engage students (Inspire the learners)
Not Mentioned but should have been Blog posting
Students are more likely to pay attention and do readings when they know they might be called upon Not Mentioned but should have been Professor has a routine skype session to ensure you are on track and understanding, applying and analyzing knowledge
Team building by assigning multiple students a task to accomplish/problem to solve  Mentioned- Great point- Involvement Collaborating on wiki
Use the content of the lecture to do something Mentioned Project based learning
Assign a signal to quiet down Mentioned  
Using imagination for course structure and evaulation Mentioned UA.EDU CHES IIT



Part 2






F2F Blended Online






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