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Williams, Christopher

Page history last edited by Christopher Wayne Williams 9 years, 4 months ago

Topic 1, Assignment 1



Traditional Strategies 

Digital Strategies and Technologies 

Lecture/Monologue (mentioned) Various approaches could be utilized in the form of digital documents, and online video and audio - Adobe PDF, Podcast, Word Document, Camtasia Video, Video over IP (Skype), Youtube
Roll Call (implied)  Not Required for Asynchronous Study - Could use Office Communicator or Trillian Astra for Live Roll Call
Marking Load (computer marked Assignments)  (mentioned)
There are digital programs out there that have test engines, some on the internet, and others that might be hosted externally or internally to the school - OnPoint Digital, ProProfs Quizmaker, ClassMarker.
Reading Books (Mentioned) eBook Readers have been widely available long before the influx of the standard Kindles & iPads. I've used Zinio for example with my TabletPC, - Adobe PDF, Word Documents, Web Pages, Electronic Books (Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, Kobo), Delicious, eLearning
Student/Faculty Interaction Personal Contact (mentioned Discussions with the Faculty can be met through IM programs, and Video Over IP programs - Trillian Astra, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, MySpaceIM, Jabber, Facebook Chat, iPhone Facetime, Sightspeed
Isolated Learning outside of class  (Mentioned) Web Research through the use of the internet or online school libraries - Use computer, netbook, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC
Remembering (Implied) Digital work is easily reviewable, whereas you would need to record a traditional classroom with a videocamera or cassette player - Camtasia, Word, PDF, Podcasts, etc. 
Breaking into Smaller parts ( Implied ) Class Chapters can be broken up into Modules - Webpages, OnPoint Digital, Flash, eLearning, etc.
Questions ( Mentioned ) Questions can be asked through various means either synchronously or asynchronously - e-mail, forums, instant message, video/voice-over-ip, mobile phone
Hands On ( Implied ) This type of learning is hands on all of the time. We use the tools we study - Camtasia, Snag-it, EndNote, Word, Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop, PBWorks, eLearning, PowerPoint, Filezilla
Independent Study ( Mentioned ) We have the option to do additional research on the web, and to collaborate with others - Delicious, PBworks, Pew Trust
Research ( Implied ) Online libraries and research studies - Pew Trust, Campus Library system, Delicious
Gallery Walking   ( Implied ) We can work on various projects or questions one after the other - PBworks, Group Chat - Skype
Group Work  ( Mentioned ) We can collaborate through various wikis and file sharing - Windows Live Office, PBWorks, GoogleDocs
Role-Playing ( Implied ) Online Games & simulations - Second Life
Effective Discussion ( Implied ) Online Voice-Over-IP Meetings, Forums, Instant Messaging, E-mail
Note Taking ( Mentioned ) Microsoft's OneNote is a great note taking application. I used it religiously in my Bachelors program in traditional classrooms utilizing a tablet PC.
Case Studies ( Implied ) Case studies could be review from various sites online - Pew Trust, Delicious, ebooks


Topic 1, Assignment 2


Lecture /Monologue
Case Studies
 Camtasia Recording
Roll Call
Effective Discussion
Marking Load

Marking Load

 Social Media - Twitter, Blogging
Reading Books
Reading Books - eReaders
 OnPoint Digital, ProProfs Quizmaker, ClassMarker
Student/Faculty Interaction
 Isolated Learning
Isolated Learning
 Independent Study
 Wikis -PBworks,
Independent Study
Group Work
Gallery Walking
Effective Discussion
Microsoft OneNote
Group Work
Note Taking
Pew Trust, Delicious, ebooks
Role Playing
Webpages, OnPoint Digital, Flash, eLearning
Trillian Astra, Jabber, ICQ, (messangers)
Effective Discussion Tablet PC, iPads, Digital Readers Video or Voice over IP
Note Taking Video over IP Electronic Documents - Word, PDF, GoogleDocs
Case Studies Pew Trust YouTube
    Second Life



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